Silence Dancing
Sliding, Swooping, Swirling,
Turning, Twisting, Tumbling,
Shivering, Shimmering, Sparkling,
Awash, in an ocean of liquid light of dancing Silence.
Mary May Peterson

Artists often paint what they see, such as flowers, people, and landscapes. They are drawn to certain subjects, which for the artist reveal a silence, a transcendental quality. When artists are skilled, they instill that silence, that transcendence into their art; then it is available for the viewer to see and experience.

Art, which reflects this deeper level of silence, nourishes and uplifts the viewer. That is why people are drawn over and over again to certain works of art. This art transcends time, space and art styles; think of the water lily paintings of Monet, or the sculptures of Michelangelo.

Sometimes, artists no longer need an outer form to paint, such as a landscape. We are able to see directly into the silence, into the transcendent and paint what we see. My INNER IMAGES collection unfolds from this transcendental silent field.

I paint with watercolor, gouache and a touch of colored pencil. I wish to thank those teachers who have helped further my art: Mrs. Mary Carol Belling, Mrs. Barbara Lynch, and Prof. William King and my spiritual teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


MS. (Honors), minor in painting and printmaking, UW, Madison, Wisconsin
MA, Educational Admin, MUM, Fairfield, Iowa


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